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poker chips

How casinos make their poker chips

Poker is a game that is mainly associated with cards and chips. But how are these poker chips made? Whether you’ve found one yourself lying somewhere on the street or your house, or you’re planning to prepare one for your next สล็อตออนไลน์ game (bad idea), then there are some key aspects to consider, as the casino exclusively scrutinizes these poker chips.

How they’re made

The manufacturing of the poker or the casino chips is predominantly confined to China because they use the method of injecting and moulding mechanism. This is a method where ABS plastic is heated in the molten state and then solidified. There are two kinds of chips that are made by this method- one is the normal ones, and the other is the ceramic ones that have a texture similar to that of sandpaper.

Earlier, they used compression moulding techniques to make these chips by using clay and other additive materials.

What a real poker chip looks like

real poker chip

  • People generally have a misconception that all casino chips or poker chips are of the standard size, dimension and weight. Well, this is not true as the specifications of the chips differ from one casino to another. It does not weight 11.05gm as everyone claims.
  • They’re made of clay or ceramic material and generally weight from 8.5gm to 10.6gm.
  • All casinos contain a stamp or seal at the front, just like a currency is made, this is considered as poker money in the gambling world. Some casinos even cash for foreign chips, especially if they’re from the same person who owns them. But fake chips from other casinos are recognized and flagged immediately.
  • Chips have their own heir colours with different values to it and are standardized across all casinos in the world. Blue and white chips are $1, red or $5, green for $25 and so on. Although the colours are standard across casinos in the world, the shades vary from one casino to another. For instance, the green colour for $25 chips is distinct from one casino to another, and it is impossible to counterfeit to a perfect match.


How casinos identify counterfeit chips

From the above points, it should’ve been clear by now that it is not all that easy to fake the poker or the casino chips as each chip differs in weight, design colour and are marked with inks that are visible only when they’re seen under the UV light. Although it is easy to get your hands on the $25 chips, the ones with higher values are typically used with tracking devices like the RFID tags which are embedded inside the chips. It helps the casino owners track the chips in case of theft or malpractice.

They’re not only used for security reason but also used to track the amount made by each casino table in a day. They have a system that also enables the dealers and others to make sure they’re doing their business rightly and casing the exact amount.

Casino Makes Money

How Casino Makes Money

Many of us love going to the casino on a regular basis, but most of us are still unsure about the ways casino make money. Most people believe that everything is fixed, but this is not the case. In this article, we are going to be learning about the different ways in which casinos make money.

The odds and how do they work

One way to look at the probability of casino earning with the odds that the game carries. The probability is the ratio that compares the numbers of specific ways which can help you win. The probability works as a fraction of a percentage and as odds. Odds are also one of the best ways to describe the bet and its payoffs. The simple way the casino makes a profit is by paying you the winning, which is lower than the odds that make the game even. For example, if the casino makes $110, you will get $100.


The effects of short term variance

There are very few people who are uneducated about the basic math in this country. The fewer the casino customer, the better you will have the understanding of the same. The second is the random events which can allow you to have shorter runs which is far more unlikely. The premise of the whole is that with the repeated random effects, you can see results which can also be statistically predicted. The shorter version of this effect is just plain luck which is something that the casinos cannot depend up for their financial safety.


Blackjack seems like the game where the casino cannot have an edge, but the smart player with the right strategy can make it happen. But when you do not know the game, it can be a win for the casino. The odds of getting cards are the same for both the players and dealers. The house edge in blackjack comes from the player’s hand before the dealers play. If you have a burst, you are going to lose your chips which can allow you to enjoy but lose your money. Another advantage that the casino have, if the dealer gets natural you do not get to play your hands.

The casino makes its profits

profits from craps

Craps is known for being exciting and has a wide array of bets that can be different. But with every bet can see that you will lose a little less as the only bet appropriate enough is the odd bets. Even the best bets at the craps table can give you a house edge of 1.41% or 1.36%. The other best that the craps table can play is far worse that can result in profits for the casino which do not pay off the same odds as the winnings.

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