Alice Goldstein Resseguie Papers

Alice Goldstein Resseguie, a refugee from Nazi Germany, worked for US Army Intelligence in Germany as an analyst, evaluator and translator. Part of her work involved an examination of Nazi propoganda. Her papers contain correspondence from high-ranking members of the Nazi Propoganda Ministry (officially called the Reich Ministry for People's Enlightenment and Propaganda), including Hans Fritszche.

Hans Fritzsche served as Head of the Radio Division and was tried for conspiracy and crimes against humanity during the Nuremberg Trials. He was acquitted, but later served nine years in prison after being tried by a German Tribunal.

This postcard was sent to Hans Fritzsche by an anti-Nazi sympathizer in December 1941. The postcard is addressed to "To the Fairy Tale Aunt Fritzsche Radio Haus, Berlin." The back of the postcard has a clipping which describes the dangers of listening to foreign radio broadcasts. The comment below the article reads, "The article is exactly as intelligent as the babble of Fritzche.  Heil, you Nazi Idiots."

letter back
Alice Goldstein Resseguie donated her papers to the Holocaust Center in 1988.
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