Kaumheimer Family Papers

Dr. Ludwig Kaumheimer, a pediatrician from Munich, was arrested shortly after Kristallnacht, in November 1938 and detained in Dachau concentration camp. His wife, Hilde Kaumheimer, wrote this letter to the Gestapo, pleading for his return.


Munich, 11/17/38
Hilde Kaumheimer
MunichKarlstrass Karlstrasse 7/11

Ludwig Kaumheimer
Karlstrasse 7/11

Currently: Dachau 3K, Block 8, Room 1

To The Secret State Police Briennerstrasse 50, Munich

The undersigned permits herself to present the most humble petition for the release from protective custody of her husband, Ludwig Kaumheimer, Karlstrasse 7/11, Munich. I would like to base my request upon the following facts:

My husband took part in the World War of 1914-1918 as a military doctor assigned to the most exposed sector of the Western Front. After having already seen active service in peacetime, he was mobilized at the beginning of the war as Assistant Medical Director of the 2nd Bavarian Combat Engineer Company; later he was promoted to Surgeon Major of the Reserve. On July 20 1916 he was decorated with the Iron Cross First Class for great courage under fire. In addition he holds the Iron Class Second Class and the Bavarian Order of Military Merit, Fourth Class.

I am concerned that my husband, who is a reserved and unassuming man, will not make the above information known, in order to avoid seeking some personal advantage for himself. Therefore I beg that as his wife I may be allowed to draw the attention of the Secret State Police to these facts.

After the war my husband belonged to the organization of the officers of the former Royal Bavarian 2nd Infantry Regiment, Crown Prince. He was an honored and valued member of this organization for as long as such membership was possible.

He was also in the Home Guard and is still, with his soldierly attitude, devoted to his Fatherland. If the German People is prepared, out of chivalry, to show honor and respect even to its former wartime enemies, then I implore in the most heartfelt manner, that this attitude may redound to the benefit of my husband, who, even though today subject to public retaliation as a Jew, has never been an enemy, but always a loyal servant to the German Reich.

Translation from German into English courtesy John Bass

The Kaumheimer Family Papers were donated to the Holocaust Center by Hilde Kay.
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