Currency from Terezin Concentration Camp

Currency used in Terezin was designed by Czech artist Peter Kien, who was interned there and later died in Auschwitz. On the front of each bill was an engraved portrait of Moses holding the Ten Commandments in Hebrew.

"When Kien initially submitted his designs to Reinhard Heydrich, they were rejected. Because Heydrich objected to the fact that Moses looked too Aryan, the notes were modified to show Moses with more strongly stereotyped Semitic features; the design had to conform to the Nazi vision of Jewish appearance. The final design shows Moses with a long hooked nose and curly hair. Heydrich also demanded that the hand of Moses cover the commandment that stated "Thou Shalt Not Kill."

From Life in the Ghettos During the Holocaust, edited by Eric J. Sterling. This book is part of the HCNC collection.

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