berschtel family Letters: 1938-1946

The Letters of Hilda Prager Silberberg

hilda prager

Hilda (Hilde) Prager emigrated to the United States from Germany in late 1938, leaving her mother Paula Prager behind in Nuremberg, Germany. Hilda and her mother enjoyed a close and loving relationship and corresponded frequently. From 1938-1941, Paula Prager wrote to her daughter Hilda weekly.

opened envelope
Letters were opened by censors on both sides.

Hilda’s last letter to her mother, dated November 30, 1941, was returned to her in July 1942 with the note: “Return to Sender. Services Suspended.” Despite the best efforts of Hilda and her husband Otto Silberberg to bring Mrs. Prager to the United States, she was deported from Nuremberg in early 1942.

Hilda’s cousin wrote her on April 29, 1942: “What we have suspected for a long time has now become a fact. [They] have gone on a long journey and it will be a long time until we hear anything from them.” Pauline Prager was deported to Izbica, Poland, and perished in an extermination camp.

returned envelope

Hilda kept all her correspondence from family and friends until her death. There were over 135 letters from her mother alone.

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