Herman Shine

Herman describes what it was like to live under Nazi terror and torture. He recounts the unbelievable schemes SS guards would come up with, just to make them miserable.

You see, the SS dreamed up so much additional punishments. Every time something different. In fact, in the summertime they give the prisoner winter uniforms; and in the winter they give summer uniforms. And the shoes, for instance, you had 32" solder nails" they called it. So your shoes would last a long time. If one was missing, just a cord on the camp you get three over the ass. But you couldn't go to the shoemaker because he didn't have any nails for you. And then from time to time, of course, every week depends, a different date, they inspected your boots and then you get the whips. Some would get as many as 20 over the ass just for a nail you can't replace, and the same for everything else. If the button was missing we were drilled like sports, like soldiers, just to torture the people. And may of them couldn't stand it. And if you don't get up fast enough they stamp at your feet. They stamp on you, and then they kick you so bad all your inside comes out, you know. And if you can't get up anymore, you are dead anyway. They just stamp on you to death. And not one. Sometimes two or three Nazis work on you. They're called the"block fuhrer" with the guns and everything they have, they just do what they want with you, and there's no way that anybody can resist.


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