Oral History Collection

The JFCS Holocaust Center’s Oral History Project has recorded and continues to preserve detailed oral histories with survivors and witnesses to the Holocaust. Interviewees include people who lived through concentration camps and forced labor, those who survived in hiding or under false papers, as well as rescuers, liberators, émigrés or refugees, and other witnesses who lived under the Nazi regime.

To date, the Tauber Holocaust Library oral history archive consists of over 2,000 audio and video testimonies with accompanying documents, transcriptions and informational materials such as photographs and letters. These interviews record for posterity a complete picture of the realities of the Holocaust as experienced by individuals living in a multitude of European countries occupied by Nazi Germany.


Excerpts from our compelling interviews can be found on the Testimonies page.

Using the Oral History Archive

The Tauber Holocaust Library encourages educators, scholars, students and the general public to utilize the oral history archives. The collection can be used as research material for a broad range of studies, including psychology, sociology, political science, immigrant studies, genealogical studies, European history, Jewish history and Holocaust analysis.

Accessing a testimony is easy. To schedule an appointment call 415.449.3717 or email tauberholocaustlibrary@jfcs.org. Our guidelines for use can be found here.